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We Can Help a Spouse, Partner, Family, Friend or Caregiver

Being a spouse, partner, family, friend or caregiver of an active duty service member or a veteran can be difficult. We understand that the family and the service member share the burdens of each deployment. Whether you’re managing the stress of a being a single parent while your loved one is away, trying to understand the changes of the veteran – physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual – or just questioning how to be a supportive friend, it is important for you to get the spiritual and emotional support you need.

We appreciate your service and your challenges, and we welcome you. This site is dedicated to providing spiritual care and support to anyone in the military and their family and friends. We offer you practical, useful and engaging resources and support to help you cope. Whatever painful feelings you may have – guilt, anxiety, frustration, doubt, grief and loss – we can help. You are not alone.

Professionally-trained chaplains are counselors for your soul. They help people in spiritual distress identify and draw upon their sources of spiritual strength – regardless of religion or beliefs. Professional chaplains will accept without judgment your beliefs, faith and practice as well as your doubts and misgivings.

We invite you to contact us to discuss your experience through our free service, Chat with a Chaplain.