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We understand the spiritual burden that can come with active duty, whether it is from the long separation from your family during deployment, missing important family milestones like birthdays and holidays, living in a war zone, or other stressors of military life. Hopefully, the pride you feel in serving your country and your faith or religious beliefs gives you comfort.


Getting that Extra Boost to Help You Cope

For those times when you feel you need an extra boost to help you cope, you have a military chaplain available to you wherever you are. Chaplains are there to provide you spiritual and emotional strength. Your chaplain understands what active duty military personnel experience on a day-to-day basis – no matter what your role – and they can help by listening to the budding or growing questions about your faith and the natural painful feelings that may arise during your service.

This site is dedicated to providing spiritual care for anyone in the military. We are here for you during the time when you are looking for immediate spiritual support. This site offers resources, tools and guidance just when you need it. You are not alone. We are here to help.

Professional chaplains help people in spiritual distress identify and draw upon their sources of spiritual strength – regardless of religion or beliefs. Chaplains will accept without judgment your beliefs, faith and practice as well as your doubts and misgivings.

If for some reason you can’t access your local chaplain, or would prefer to speak with one of our chaplains, we invite you to contact us through our free and confidential service, Chat with a Chaplain.